Los Angeles 

Los Angeles devours everything in its path. Rich, energetic, creative, bubbling, this city, emblematic of the West Coast spirit and the sacred American way of life, remains viscerally unequal, with nearly 3 million people living below the poverty line. Working through a host of social problems and ethnic conflicts, this is a city without a real centre, a sort of huge puzzle of 88 districts, with its splendour and misery, its gold and dust.

Just take a little height to see that the city strikes by its green horizontality. Except for Downtown with its glass towers that tickle the sky, Los Angeles looks like a sea of small single-storey houses that sprout into flowery gardens. Everywhere, trees, cacti, roads...

It is said to be inhuman because of its traffic jams. This is neither entirely true nor really false. As for traffic, it's definitely the anthill, so it's better to have a good navigation app to get away with it in this dish of spaghetti for giants that represent highways and freeways, interchanges and straps.... But once the rush hours are over, the city is very easy to read.

Los Angeles doesn't do half the job. With more than 18 million inhabitants, including the suburbs, the City of Angels has grown in less than a century from a village on the edge of the desert to one of the most important cities in the world. It all started with the Hollywood dream factory. The styles that have conquered the planet have followed: rollerblading, body-building, jogging. Los Angeles continues to carry the American dream to arm's length!


  • Style: Modern
  • Medium: Watercolor
  • Technics: Spray Painting
  • Type: Canvas Printings
  • Shape: Vertical Rectangle

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