Trevor and Mike is a brand of accessories and clothing created by two young lovers of the earth.

TRaveling EVerywhere ORiginality MIndset KEen

  • Traveling

The travel is the best school of life, each trip allows you to learn about yourself and our planet ... So take your stuff and join us in our adventure.

  • Everywhere

Everywhere, because there are thousand of things to do but it's impossible to do everything. So go to every places you can. The most important thing is whenever you are, stay yourself!

  • Originality

Originality, because in our society people become figures, copies. So be you! Originality is the invisible gold of our society.

  • Mindset

Mindset, because you can have everything you want if you have the right state of mind.

  • Keep going

Because you have to approach life with enthusiasm and motivation. Each failure will allow you to improve, each challenge will allow you to be stronger. So keep going!

TREVOR and MIKE it's not just a brand, it's a lifestyle! never stop and trust in yourself!