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Are you looking for an original object to decorate your room or perhaps your office? 

So this Vintage World Map is what you need. Both useful and aesthetic, you can hang it wherever you want.

Aesthetically speaking, this planisphere stands out from the crowd. This "old map" aspect gives the impression that it comes from a distant time.
that of the great explorers. It ismoreover, what gives it a special charm.
So you can hang it in your office, living room or bedroom to give a completely vintage decor.

Aside from its attractive aesthetic side, this accessory is also of great use.

Thanks to the particularly detailed and detailed aspect of this Map of the World, you will be able to carry out cartographic practice sessions daily and thus increase.
develop or maintain your geographic knowledge and your general culture.
She definitely deserves her place in a classroom.

With its size of 72.5 x 47.5 cm the indications, signs and legends are perfectly visible. 
It should also be mentioned that this world map was made from kraft paper, a quality material commonly used because of its high strength and thus its durability.

With this beautiful World Map, travel around the world without having to travel. 
For example, if you are looking for a unique and nice gift to offer, it will do the trick. 
In addition it is sold at a reasonable price. So do not wait for any longer and place your order.




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